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Hot Stone Massage
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  More than just the hottest massage available, treatment with heated stones is truly therapeutic,deeply relaxing and profoundly healing. Come experience the magic of the stones...
What is Hot Stone Massage?
Hot stone massage is a luxurious 75-minute treatment of the body's soft tissues, integrating the use of heated stones with traditional hands-on massage. Stones are used as heaters, as extensions of the hands, and as tools. Placed on the body, they provide cozy warmth, stimulate metabolism and the circulation of fluids as they soften connective tissue.

Used in the therapists hands, they add weight and pressure, encouraging deeper treatment and a sense of groundedness. Textured stones are used as exfoliants. Smooth stones are used with oil for gentle warm gliding and flushing. Cold stones close the pores, decongest tissues and decrease inflammation. Specially shaped stones treat problem areas. The stones are not intended to replace human touch, however, so hands and forearms are incorporated as in traditional massage.
Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
The stones allow the therapist to penetrate more deeply than is possible with bare hands because the heat softens the connective tissue and releases tension. The effects of hot stone treatment last longer than regular massage, sometimes up to 24 hours. Because heat makes the muscles relax and the blood and lymph vessels dilate, more oxygen-rich nourishing blood reaches those tissues and more waste products are removed.

The heat also increases the metabolic rate and reduces stagnation along the energy pathways. Warmth profoundly relaxes the nervous system and is useful in all cases of anxiety,stress, chronic pain and insomnia. The stones stimulate touch sensations and increase body awareness and they have a grounding effect when used with Ayurvedic techniques that anchor the root. You'll feel more centered.
What to Expect During Treatment
The Abbott Center uses the protocol of Ayurvedic-based Sacred Stone Therapy. Stones and jojoba oil are heated in 120 F to 150 F water. Under warm covers, large stones, tested by you for temperature, are slipped under the sacrum and between the shoulder blades and laid on the abdomen. Wrist support stones are placed under the palms of the hands against the hips and nestled in the angles of the neck. Specific crystals are positioned at the solar plexus, chest, throat and forehead over the chakras (major points of energy intake) to increase their energy flow.

A warm sandbag may be slung over the thighs. As the heaters are penetrating deeper and deeper, your feet are massaged. Small stones are slipped between your toes and all are wrapped in warm towels. Now, working one part of the body at a time, your therapist will relax your muscles with a lavish massage using the jojoba to lubricate first her hands and then the hot hand-held stones. Turning you over, the process will be repeated, massaging the back of your body and lining up heating stones down the spine and on the feet and hands. Finally, all stones are removed, leaving you warm and cozy to come back into the real world feeling better than if you had just emerged from a nice nap.
After Treatment
Bring comfortable clothing to wear home; you may feel oily. Drink plenty of water to flush metabolic wastes. Plan to relax or take a nap.
Bits and Pebbles
The geology of stones and their healing properties teach us that the energy of local stones is more effective for local people. Most of our stones come from the New England coast and rivers and are used just as we found them. Our stones have not been mechanically smoothed, a process that weakens their natural energy. All of our treatment stones are kept sanitized and periodically re energized in the sun.

The Abbott Center uses only jojoba (which is actually not an oil, but an ester or liquid wax). Jojoba is the closest substance to the secretions of the sebaceous glands of our skin. It is highly nourishing and doesn't clog pores or stain clothing.

All stones and crystals have specific rates of vibration and molecular arrangements. The crystalline properties of living tissue and the vibrations of the major chakras can be enhanced by coordinating their vibrations with those of stones and crystals.

The use of heated stones was first recorded in 4000 BC in China, but stones and crystals have always been used in healing. Records exist in many ancient cultures. Rediscovered recently in the 1990's and incorporated into traditional massage, Hot Stone Massage quickly became the most requested treatment in the spa culture.

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