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Pilates at The Abbott Center

Why is Pilates at The Abbott Center Unique?

Practicing Pilates in our Studio is a pleasure. It’s totally private, quiet, sunny, clean and modern. From the second floor you have a view of treetops and gardens. The light pours through the skylights and classic Palladian window and the sun bounces around from the cathedral ceiling to thshining hardwood floor. Step out through the glass doors onto the deck to catch a breath of fresh air in pleasant weather and enjoy the central air when it’s hot.

Here in this intimate, serene space with state of the art apparatus and amenities, a select community of like-minded women have gathered to practice the most popular and valuable rehabilitation and conditioning exercise program of this generation. Guided by our teaching staff of the highest quality classical teachers holding Advanced Level Certifications from some of the country’s most-recognized Pilates education programs, you are the beneficiary of their years of experience and their passion for teaching. This is a unique and highly-personalized experience.

The Abbott Center is committed to helping you see - and feel - real results from your Pilates practice. If you are in the process of discovering or returning to wellness, you’ll find a supportive environment, conducive to healing your body. If your goals are more fitness and conditioning-based, you’ll find yourself amply challenged and engaged as you explore the Pilates repertoire.

Imagine having the figure of a dancer and the strength of an athlete; a long and healthy body with beautiful posture and grace of movement … powerful, flexible and controlled. That’s a Pilates body!
“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, in 30 you’ll have a new body.” - Joseph H. Pilates


Whenever the media takes notice, the word spreads like wildfire. That's what happened when Hollywood stars and elite athletes began touting the benefits of their Pilates workouts. News about this innovative mind-body exercise program based on the principles of its creator, Joseph Pilates, created a whirlwind that stormed through the mainstream exercise world and in four years produced a 500% growth in Pilates participant numbers. Pilates is now practiced by over ten million Americans!

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“Pilates” is a full-body conditioning program of about 500 exercises based on the six principles of its creator, Joseph H. Pilates. Known for developing “core” strength, it is much more than just a collection of exercises. It is a “Method” with a thoughtfully refined and time-tested foundation in the philosophy and theory of many Eastern and Western exercise styles.





Why Practice Pilates instead of ... ?

Pilates is a full-body conditioning and rehabilitation program using the best of many exercise methods. The teachers choose from a collection of exercises that work and coordinate all the muscle groups of your body. It’s fun and varied, both challenging and easy, flowing and focused. Pilates is known for developing lean strong balanced bodies no matter your age, weight or physical condition.

Working out in a gym, with weights and equipment using weights, develops strength with bulk rather than the long lean strength developed by Pilates practice. Cardiovascular workouts are a good adjunct exercise to increase circulation and promote the elimination of waste products from the lymph system through the pores of the skin by perspiring. In Pilates and Yoga, wastes are eliminated from the blood through the lungs with deep breathing routines.

Stress reduction is a side benefit of Pilates as in Yoga. Breathing and concentration are important in both. The centering and precision required by the exercises breaks negative thought patterns that produce stress hormones, so you feel happier!

Improving your health and immunity,as you do with nutritional therapies and a healthy diet, is another unexpected benefit of a Pilates practice. When done together each is more effective than either one by itself. Pilates promotes the circulation of blood and energy that increases vitality, delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removes or neutralizes the waste products and free radicals that cause pain and disease.

Physical fitness, in the words of Joseph H. Pilates, is “the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.” Fitness is more than strength.

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