The Staff at the Abbott Center

Christina Abbott: Director
Neuromuscular Therapy Specialist, Energy Healing Practitioner, Stretching Practitioner

Education & Certifications: BFA Degree, Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, completed 17 post-graduate courses in the sciences, psychology and theology.

Licensed in Massachusetts

Continuing Education: Active Isolated Stretching, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Cadaver dissection (2), Energy Medicine (2), Pain Perception and Management, Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Neck Head and Facial Pain, Foot and Ankle Pathologies, Harvard Alternative Medicine Symposium, Harvard/Spaulding Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation Symposium.

Experience: 25 years (started 6/89)

Professional Membership: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Licensed in Massachusetts

For more information about Christina, click on this link to read a news article written about her story.


Pilates Teacher

Weekends and weekdays.

Education and Certifications: Texas Military Institute, BFA in Drama and MFA in Acting from Brown University

Licensed and Certified Fletcher Pilates Teacher, Comprehensive 950 hours (Classical)

CPR Certification

Experience: 12 years in Pilates

We’ve never before been able to offer weekend Pilates. Now we can with a fabulous instructor recently up from NYC with tons of experience teaching, a resume to impress and an athlete with heart and grace! With great excitement, we welcome Justin Blanchard!

Justin grew up with Pilates! A dynamic teacher, he brings significant training in the Classical style of Pilates elder, Ron Fletcher, to enhance our program and expand our hours into weekends. With years of experience and a gift for personal communication, he creates a multilevel physical experience that is safe, challenging and fun. He works with men and women of all skill levels, ages and physical conditions to improve function in daily life and athletic activities, reduce pain and promote health and well-being.

Annie Schwab: Neuromuscular Therapist, Massage Therapist, Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Education and Certifications: BS degree in Family and Community Services

Certified in Massage Therapy from The Muscular Therapy Institute (now Cortiva)

Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy

Licensed in Massachusetts

Continuing Education: Neuromuscular Therapy

Experience: 19 years in massage (started 9/96) and 16 years in NMT


MELISSA ROWELL: Pilates Instructor, Classical Pilates method.

Vivacious and naturally charming, Melissa also brings a lot of knowledge and years of solid experience to our center. Recently married, she is enthusiastic about being here where she can teach the way she knows best, that is to identify the imbalances in her clients' bodies and instruct them through Pilates exercises to correct them. She enjoys working with students of all levels from beginners to advanced as well as those with physical challenges.

Melissa is trained in a variety of exercise forms from Yoga to Gyrotonics and strongly believes in cross training. She continues to learn by studying information that expands her knowledge and effectiveness. She is very motivated by finding new ways of working with all clients to improve how comfortable they are in their active life and how they look and feel in their bodies.

Livia Fontes: Massage Therapist

Education and Certifications: BA degrees in Education and History,

Certified in Massage Therapy from Palmer Institute of Massage 2002

National Certification for Therapeutic Massage

Licensed in Massachusetts

Continuing Education: Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hydrotherapy Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy

Livia is also available to do therapeutic massage in your home.

Professional Membership: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Experience:13 years in massage


CHARLES STEELE: Licensed (State and National) Massage Therapist

Education and Certifications: BS degree in Geology from Perdue University

Certified in Massage Therapy from Boulder School of Massage, the best training program for therapists in the country, with twice as many hours of study as required by Massachusetts.

Nationally Certified

Licensed in Massachusetts

Charles has come back here to his hometown after ten years in Denver and Seattle. His ten years of experience there in therapeutic and sports massage makes him well qualified to join the excellent therapists at The Abbott Center.

Charles has come on board to make every evening available for massage appointments, a service we have not been able to offer until now. He is also on call during the day when other therapists are not available.

On a personal note, his father was a scientist and his mother a Veterinarian. His interests include kayaking, snowboarding and tending his large vegetable garden.

Jennifer Lord: Massage Therapist, Esthetician
Education & Certifications: Certified in Massage from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester NH

Massachusetts State Licensed Esthetician

Graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute

Certified Opthalmic Assistant with sub specialty in Surgical Assisting

CPR Certification, First Aid Certification, Reiki Certification I & II

Licensed in Massachusetts

Continuing Education: Neuromuscular Therapy I-IV, Active Isolated Stretching, Hot Stone Massage, Hydrotherapy Massage

Professional Membership: American Massage Therapy Association

Experience: 14 years as massage therapist (graduated 11/01), 9 years as esthetician (graduated 2/95), 18 years as opthalmic surgical assistant

DAWN SNOW: Pilates Instructor, Classical and Power Pilates methods

Easy-going and friendly with a warm smile, Dawn is a teacher from the heart. She holds a BS in Child Development and Early Education and has used her education and years of experience to make her a superb Pilates teacher. Her practice of the Pilates method began more than ten years ago as an athlete. Having experienced its many benefits for herself, she was inspired to share the method with others. She completed her classical training and apprenticeship with Power Pilates and has now been teaching for more than 9 years.

Dawn's philosophy is that movement heals the whole person, so she is well-attuned to the mind-body connection of Pilates. She passionately shares her attention to detail, tailoring each session to maximize the benefits of the Pilates method for each individual to decrease pain and increase flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina. She beilives those benefits will spill over into every aspect of your life. Stretch to a new limit, go on the endless journey to wellness within ... Pilates is for every body!

Dawn has studied with two Pilates elders and 12 senior teachers and attends the annual congerences. With a thirst for knowledge, she has taken 22 continuing ed courses to hone her skills and refine her knowledge.





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