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Greg Webster

We are pleased to welcome instructor Greg Webster to the Abbott Pilates family. His impressive resume includes being trained extensively by Romana, the protégé of Joseph Pilates and heir apparent to the Pilates method.

In addition to being an advanced Certified Classical Pilates instructor, Greg was Professor of Movement Studies at the University of Connecticut for 16 years, assistant coach for their boxing team and an avid martial artist with two black belts. As a Certified Personal Trainer, he loves teaching all who want to move well, to feel better and to improve their overall fitness and health.

Greg excels at designing custom training programs for each of his clients whose individual goals have included improving their golf, tennis or hockey game, cutting loose on the dance floor or simply getting in the best shape of their life. He firmly believes that the body can be trained regardless of age, experience or past injury to perform to its maximum potential.  

You’ll be convinced when you move efficiently with strength and grace under his training and guidance.

Greg will be teaching private and group classes in the Classical (the original) Pilates Method Friday afternoons from 1-5 pm and expanding his schedule as needed.