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Pilates Reopening Protocol

We are ready to welcome you back to Abbott Pilates, Studios 1 & 2!

We truly thank you for supporting us as we rebuild our program after significant losses during the pandemic.

We began reopening our Studios June 15th with the use of all equipment, following the State guidelines for Phase 2. Please know that we take our responsibility very seriously to keep you and our staff safe. We have been diligent in deep cleaning and sanitizing our teaching space and will continue to follow standards for hygiene, disinfecting and social distancing to stay in compliance with state safety standards.

Packages will again be available and the pricing structure will return to pre-COVID-19 rates.

Health-screening questions will be asked before each appointment.

  • Do you or have you had any symptoms of illness?
  • Have you been traveling?
  • Have you been consistent about wearing a mask when you can’t keep the distance restriction?
  • Have you been in any groups where those restrictions were not followed?
  • Have you knowingly been in contact with someone who has had Covid-19?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19?

Forehead temperature checks will be taken before each appointment.

We will ask you to sign a Risk and Liability Waiver before your first appointment which will be kept on file.

Studio Guidelines

  • Solos, Duets and Trios will be conducted on the apparatus pieces which have been placed 6 feet apart and will be wiped down with alcohol or 10% bleach spray after each use. Small Groups with a 6-person maximum can thus be accommodated (5 students and one teacher).
  • Air will be circulating through open windows and doors and with the use of the ceiling fan on the low setting or the air conditioning in warm weather.
  • Further sanitizing will be done between each appointment of anything touched by teachers and students with alcohol and/or 10% bleach. Wipes used to clean equipment will be placed immediately in a drawstring canvas bag and the contents washed in hot water with bleach after one use.

Student Guidelines

  • Upon entering, the forehead temperature of each student will be taken and a health screening questionnaire reviewed. Students are asked to remove their shoes, change into clean socks and wash their hands. Clean washcloths will continue to be available beside the sink and washed with hot water and bleach after one use.
  • Students are required to wear clean socks in the Studio and on the equipment, especially when using the Reformer footbar and straps attached to leg springs and equipment. Likewise, gloves must be worn when using the webbing straps attached to arm springs, when handling any webbing strap attached to the apparatus or when holding the footbar or Tower supports. Please know that you may purchase your own hand and foot loops on sites such as
  • Masks must be worn when social distancing requirements cannot be met. Exceptions are at the combined discretion and mutual consent of any student and teacher participating in an appointment. Students are asked to bring their own masks, socks and gloves, but spares will be available if needed. Because a teacher must talk a lot, consideration must be given to protecting students by wearing a mask or face shield by her choice or if requested by anyone participating. Similarly, breathing is an important part of exercising, so consideration must be given by each student to protect the teacher and fellow students by wearing a mask unless going without is by mutual consent of all participating.
  • Paper lunch bags for ventilating masks and gloves overnight for reuse (as stipulated by state guidelines) will be available to students to be marked with their names and stored in the equipment closet.
  • Before you leave, you will wipe down your equipment, mat and anything else you have touched, wash your hands, put on your mask and shoes and leave the Studio while keeping the distance requirements.
  • Scheduling for private and semi-private sessions will be directly with an instructor as always. New students or those coming back to Abbott Pilates may contact the office by email to talk to Christina about scheduling with Jennifer or Sandy, about the Saturday Mat Class with Pat or the new Tower Classes with Jennifer.
  • Melissa will be not be returning to the Studio. A hard worker and exceptional teacher, she has been an essential part of the growth and excellence of the Abbott Pilates Program. We wish her everything good in her new endeavors and wherever life takes her.

Again, we have taken this virus very seriously and are taking all precautions recommended to keep both you and our staff safe. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Thank you for trusting us!

Christina and the Pilates Instructors

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