Get comfortable… get your device… get your mat…
Put your worries aside, we’re doing

Virtual Pilates!

Here are some guidelines:

In the beginning, we are working only with existing students who know the routines and are comfortable with the exercises. We’ll branch out from there as soon as it feels right.

Contact your instructor directly to arrange a time. She will send you a Zoom link to enter your session or class.

Your teacher will help you get set up if you’re unfamiliar with Zoom. Then it will be easy to enter the class, position your computer, say hi and get moving!

Business matters:

  • All classes and Private/Semi-private sessions will be scheduled through your instructor. Pricing is listed as Mat Solo or Mat Duet in our price list and groups under Small Group Mat and Small Group Tower.
  • Be sure we have a credit card on file for you to make checkouts easy.
  • Scheduling and payments will continue to be done through the MindBodyOnline system with which you’ve become comfortable.
  • You will be able to access your account information and see your schedule with your login as usual.

Book a Time with Jennifer

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Book a Time with Sandy

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We’re excited to be offering this whole new way of working with you in the convenience and comfort of your home. With these time-saving ways for you to do Pilates with teachers you have come to love, you might even be tempted to do Pilates more often. Who knows what’s next!