Arm and hand pain: Carpal tunnel syndrome

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Of all the arm and hand pain conditions and syndromes that can be treated, carpal tunnel syndrome is the one that is most often misdiagnosed and the one for which unnecessary surgeries are most often performed. See other conditions and causes in the post on Arm and hand pain: A Checklist of Causes. I was […]

April 2, 2010

Pain relief: Ice or heat?

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There is still controversy over this question and I often hear what I believe to be incorrect information given out by medical professionals. The guidelines for hot and cold applications found in Chaitow and Delany’s Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques makes the most sense to me. This is the general guideline for muscles that I […]

July 10, 2009

Thumb and wrist pain: Treatment of Ruby Q.

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At my Neuromuscular Therapy clinic near Boston, treatment in the case of Ruby Q. addressed her chronic upper body tension but focused part of each session on the recent acute thumb and wrist pain that was making it difficult for her to work. In the first treatment, all of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles were […]

June 4, 2009