Groin pain Part 10b: Self-treatment tips, Gracilis and sartorius

Groin pain, Self-treatment tips / Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

This is a series on groin pain. This part is about self-treatment. The last post gives the positition and landmark instructions you need for the following directions. If you missed the beginning of the series, go back to Part 1.

sartgracmusclesTreat the gracilis: (Go back to the previous post for locating the gracilis muscle.) Grasp it between your thumb and fingers and squeeze it wherever you feel tenderness. Follow it from your crotch to the inside of your knee. It’s a thin cord-like muscle, so you can also push it away from you and pull it toward you with your fingers like stretching a guitar string.

Treat the sartorius: Find the ASIS, the angle of bone at the front of your hip where your fingers touch if you have your hands on your hips. Just inside of that bone is the attachment of the sartorius. It travels across the inner thigh, making the attractive thigh shape we women covet. It’s long and thin like the gracilis and very superficial. Treat it the way you treat the gracilis by compressing it (if you can get your fingers around it), or by pressing downward onto it, and stretching it like a guitar string.

The next post is about treating the Adductor magunus, a major pain contributor!