Arm and hand pain: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Arm pain, Hand pain, Thumb pain / Saturday, April 24th, 2010

raynaudsWhite fingers, numbness, pain and cold all indicate problems with blood vessels and nerves and are symptoms of a condition known as Reynaud’s Phenomenon. The lesser form of this condition can benefit from Neuromuscular Therapy by treating muscles that are sources of neurovascular entrapment.

Reynaud’s is characterized by constriction of blood vessels. Abnormal nerve control is suspected to be a contributing factor triggered by cold or by emotional stress. However, mechanical constriction of blood vessels and nerves can cause similar symptoms. Since the causes of Reynaud’s are unknown, it makes sense to be sure neurovascular entrapment by tense muscles or the taut bands of Trigger Points are not a factor. Knowing where entrapment can occur in the upper extremity and treating those muscles for Trigger Points and excessive tension can provide relief.

Treatment, outside of standard medical management, includes stress reduction practices, Active Isolated Stretching and Neuromuscular Therapy or good therapeutic massage to treat ischemic muscles and Trigger Points in the neck, chest, arms and hands. Avoiding environmental triggers like cold or vibration, keeping warm and avoiding products containing caffeine are important.