Sciatica pain relief: Systemic factors

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When sciatica type symptoms get the better of you and nothing you do seems to make it better, here is some things you can check from my list for corrective actions and treatments Part 2.

Check for systemic conditions, vitamin and mineral inadequacies, food sensitivities, allergies, anemia, infections and parasites, yeast infections, toxic blood conditions, thyroid hypoactivity, circulatory disorders, acidic pH level. Limit intake of carbohydrates and other muscle stimulants like caffeine.
This is a big list, but when medical intervention and other treatments don’t give you enough pain relief from sciatica, use this checklist to be sure there is no systemic factor that is perpetuating your symptoms.

Vitamins and minerals are getting more attention now from the medical world. Essential for neuromuscular health are the Calcium complex, Vitamin C complex, and the B-complex.

Food sensitivities stimulate a full body response against the substance and allergies stimulate a full-body histamine response clogging your body’s self-cleaning organs. Anemia prevents the delivery of oxygen to your muscles, causing pain and spasm. Infections and parasites turn on the alarm systems to fight what’s wrong. Yeast organisms have 70 waste products of their own that your body has to clear before taking care of itself. Toxic blood affects everything negatively that the blood goes to. Thyroid hypoactivity (body temperature below 97.6 degrees) is common and usually causes pain. Hyperactivity rarely causes pain. Circulatory disorders mean that not enough blood is being delivered to the muscles. Acidic pH levels irritate your nerves. Carbohydrates and stimulants make your muscles tense.

Perpetuating factors are important in understanding pain. Whenever a patient in my Neuromuscular Therapy center near Boston doesn’t respond as well to treatment as I think they should, I start checking these systemic factors.

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  1. Good blog for sciatica relief! I have had it many years off and on related to a car accident! The excruciating pain in unbearable! I had it for years! Massages Are The only thing that kept me sane! Thankyou for sharing!

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