Chronic headache pain: A Neuromuscular Therapy point of view

Chronic pain, Headaches, Jaw pain, Neck pain, Neuromuscular therapy, Shoulder pain

As a Neuromuscular Therapist, how do I think about chronic headache pain? If medical reasons for headaches have been ruled out, the cause is probably muscular Trigger Points. Examining the muscles in the neck and shoulders usually turns up at least one cause. But finding unhealthy muscles with Trigger Points is only targeting the symptoms. […]

May 15, 2009

Chronic headache pain: Treatment of Melinda W.

Chronic pain, Headaches, Jaw pain, Muscle information, Neck pain, Neuromuscular therapy, Scoliosis, Shoulder pain, Stretching (Active Isolated method)

In the case of Melinda W., I found a scoliosis and lower limb length inequality (LLLI) that were tilting her shoulders, causing tension in the jaw (TMJ) and neck musculature and giving her chronic headaches. I recommended trying a heel lift to level her out, and she scheduled a TMJ evaluation at a major Boston […]

May 14, 2009

Back pain after surgery: Sally S.’s results

Back pain, Back surgery, Buttock pain, Hip pain, Jaw pain, Leg pain, Low back pain, Neck pain, Neuromuscular therapy, Shoulder pain

After four months of weekly Neuromuscular Therapy treatments in my clinic southwest of Boston, Sally began to respond. Symptoms gradually reduced in all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the lumbar spine and the muscles in the buttocks and hips. As time allowed, other treatments included the muscles of the thigh, and muscles along […]

March 14, 2009