Headache pain in a teenager: Katy H.’s results

Headaches, Neck pain, Neuromuscular therapy, Shoulder pain / Saturday, March 14th, 2009

After the first and second Neuromuscular Therapy treatments in the case of Katy H., as expected, Katy was extremely sore for two or three days from the release of waste products from the treated muscles. In the following two weeks she had two flareups, but nothing between them. Headaches were more sporadic rather than constant. One flareup had been from participating in a ski meet, sleeping in a hotel and exhausted from physical exertion, stress and poor sleep. Post-treatment soreness was reduced, but the pain at the angle of her neck and shoulder was worse and she had three or four headaches.

At the fourth treatment, just the back of her neck was tight and she had had a couple of headaches in a new place between her eyebrows. Her muscles were much less twitchy and the Trigger Points referrals were few.

At the fifth treatment she had had another flareup from studying for exams but before that had felt good! It was time for Spring break and she would be able to enjoy it!