Headache pain in a teenager: Treatment for Katy H.

Headaches, Neck pain, Neuromuscular therapy / Saturday, March 14th, 2009

In the case of Katy H., the first Neuromuscular Therapy session focused on the three suspected muscle groups. They were treated with gentle sustained pressure, increasing pressure as it became more tolerable, especially in tender spots where the muscle referred pain to her head. Deep slow gliding strokes were used to lengthen and soften the muscle tissues that were tight from holding up her shoulders and to “milk” out toxins stored there. Superficial “flushing” techniques to increase blood flow were used to bring in nutrients, healing cells and oxygen and to remove the waste products squeezed out of the muscles during treatment. Ice was applied to tissues that showed some inflammation to prevent post-treatment soreness, and some gentle stretching of the upper shoulder helped gain some length in those muscles.

A home program of icing and Active Isolated Stretching targeting the most dysfunctional muscles was recommended and instructions for simple basic postural changes and backpack use were given. There have been five treatments since her initial evaluation. Other muscles were treated that related to her overall condition including the muscles of the shoulders and back. Results have been good.