Arm and Hand Pain: The case of Aaron D.

Arm pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), Hand pain, Repetitive strain injury (RSI) / Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

wrist-pain-and-keyboard-i1A 30 year old guy came into my Neuromuscular Therapy clinic near Boston because his arm and hand pain was having a significant negative effect on his work, his marriage, and his musical pursuits. His life was going to change for the worse unless he found a way to stop his symptoms. He said he was willing to do whatever it took to get well. It turns out, he was.

After 15 Neuromuscular Therapy treatments, he had what I call a “breakthrough” with great improvements in his symptoms indicated by an increase in his guitar playing from five minutes a day to thirty, absence of pain at work, increase in energy and strength, and ten weeks without a flare-up. He has continued with weekly NMT treatments, a consistent self-treatment and stretching routine, Alexander Technique training, chelation therapy for heavy metals, changes in his diet, normalization of his acidic pH levels, and has finally been able to start a slow program of exercise, increasing his strength and endurance to better than high school levels. He got a promotion at work, plays guitar more than an hour a day, does daily chef duty at home and feels better than ever! He still says he is only 50% toward his final goal and works every day at getting better. He has been in treatment for two and a half years.

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