Acute hip pain: The case of Addison G.

Acute pain / Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

hip-painAddison hobbled into my Neuromuscular Therapy office near Boston for emergency treatment for acute hip pain. For no reason that he could figure, his hips and sides were in spasm. He knew from years of experience that this was muscular pain rather than spinal nerve pain. I had only 30 minutes between other patients to try to give him some relief. Any movement hurt! He described his pain as coming from his hips rather than from his back. He struggled onto the table to a comfortable prone resting position.

Addison is a large-framed man who enjoys his lifestyle and has a few extra pounds around his belly. He is also highly intelligent and spends most days cradled by a supportive chair, immobile while he works on his computer in a very focussed way. It is Winter so his swimming pool isn’t open and he has been lax about getting exercise.

After three consecutive days of treatment, he has no pain, can walk, bend forward and move with relative comfort. His symptoms are extreme weakness, but no pain.

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