Groin pain Part 1: The case of Enrique L.

Groin pain / Sunday, July 26th, 2009

groinkneelingEnrique L. was referred by his chiropractor to my Neuromuscular Therapy center near Boston complaining of groin pain that had progressed to the point that he felt weakened all over. As a building contractor, the pain was so severely limiting him in his work that he was worried about whether or not he would be able to continue doing his job.

The groin pain symptoms had started with a sensation of weakness and “pulling” on one side. That had been one year before he came for treatment. He had been doing heavy work bending down and crouching, lifting beams and moving trusses. The discomfort went away in a day but came back. He complained of pain in the crease at the groin and at the top of his thigh where the hip flexed. He couldn’t bend down or squat now without going into spasm.

This is the beginning of a series of posts on groin pain. Look for information to follow about groin pain from a Neuromuscular Therapist’s point of view, Understanding the muscles in the groin, Trigger Point pain to the groin, Treatment results for Enrique, Stretches for the groin, and Corrective actions for groin pain.