Groin pain Part 7: Systemic factors that perpetuate pain

Chronic pain, Groin pain, Healing / Thursday, August 6th, 2009

When groin pain doesn’t go away, it often helps to look at systemic factors that may be preventing your body from healing. These are some of the suggestions I give my patients at my Neuromuscular Therapy center near Boston.

A slightly underactive thyroid affects muscle metabolism. The test is to take your temperature before getting out of bed. It should be above 97.6 degrees.) Medical tests do not include this “sub-clinical” condition because you don’t need thyroid medication. Taking kelp (yes, seaweed) capsules will help a lot. I have taken 8 per day for years to keep my thyroid healthy. It is common for hypothyriodism to cause muscle pain.

Do you have a chronic infection? Your whole body fights infection. Viral infections, especially herpes simplex (cold sores and cankers) can cause muscle stiffness and weakness for weeks following infection. Bacterial infections (ex. tooth, sinuses, urinary tract) can increase activity of Trigger Points and reduce response to therapy. Parasites (from eating infected raw fish or ingesting organisms that cause diarreah or ulcers) perpetuate pain.

Are you getting enough sleep? Pain prevents deep restorative sleep and lack of sleep has been shown to increase muscle pain.

Do you have allergies? Histamines are suspected of perpetuating Trigger Points.

Are you a little anemic or do you have any circulatory problems? Your doctor can test for these. Blood and oxygen (carried by iron) are essential for muscle health. A lack of either causes pain.

Have you been diagnosed with hypoglycemia? This condition aggravates Trigger Points and reduces the effectiveness of therapy.

Check for vitamin inadequacies. Vitamin C, Calcium complex with D and magnesium, B-complex and a good natural multi-vitamin and mineral supplement are essential for neuromusclar health. Even the FDA now says we don’t get enough nutrients from our food.

Are you getting enough water? The rule of thumb is half your weight = number of ounces of water. Water is essential for most processes in our body. It also dilutes toxic fluids that cause pain and helps in flushing wastes from our muscles.