Groin pain Part 8: Structural factors that perpetuate pain

Groin pain

The development of Trigger Points that refer pain to the groin, and dysfunction of the joints of the pelvis that cause pain locally, are often caused by structural asymmetries. These factors are often overlooked by the medical profession, so I always check a patient’s posture in my Boston area Neuromuscular Therapy office when there is […]

August 7, 2009

Groin pain Part 6: 6 Corrective actions

Groin pain

These are the suggestions I give patients in my Boston area Neuromuscular Therapy center to avoid aggravating groin pain. Avoid prolonged hip flexion: Muscles that are already tight can cramp up if they are left in a shortened position for too long. When you are sitting, get up often to lengthen the muscles and allow […]

August 5, 2009