Groin pain Part 5c: Treatment of Enrique L., sessions 7 to end.

Groin pain, Neuromuscular therapy / Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

This is a series on groin pain. If you missed the beginning, go back to Part 1.

Treatments for Enrique had been productive. In the first six sessions his muscles had “freed up” and he was able to walk again without pain. It took until the 18th treatment to reach a breakthrough point when his body was able to take over more of the work and his treatment schedule could be cut back. The next 10 treatments show the gradual progress and some setbacks. Here are his reported symptoms:

At the 7th appointment he reported that he had actually started to work again in his trade as a building contractor! The Epsom salts baths were really helping. His muscles were troublesome off and on but generally better. I continued treating the same muscles (see previous two posts).

8th: Not bad. Improving. Comes and goes. On the road working. Rested on the weekend. Cramping comes and goes but not as bad.
9th: R side pain sensitive to weather changes. Swimming a little. Feels good.
10th: Groin improving, but psoas still bothersome. Swam a lot.
11th: Occasional problems. Stomach spasms sitting at his desk. One night of groin pain.
12th: Not bad. R abdomeen bothersome. Lots of swimming for 2 days.
13th: Pretty good. Sore deep R abdomeen with pulling. L tightness. Still feels fragile. Hard to reach up.
14th: Feeling good. Deep R abdomen complaining after swimming. Chiro adjusted hips out of alignment.
15th: Two days of pain after he “overdid it.”
16th: Good weekend. Worked today wallpapering. Trouble driving with potholes in Boston that tighten abdomen. Able to do hip extension exercises now with no problem.
17th: Did heavier work. Any exertion causes trouble within 30 min.

18th: BREAKTHROUGH! Big improvement since last treatment. Pains off and on but they go away! Not the same sense of inflammation. Had two hours when he felt that he could move normally. At the end of the day, his abdomen felt relaxed for the first time!

After a year of weekly treatments he was finally ready to go to treatments every other week. He started 7/02 and was “cured” and released from treatment entirely 3/04.