The Staff at The Abbott Center

Christina Abbott, Director, Owner, LMT, CNMT

Titles: Neuromuscular Therapy Specialist, Energy Healing Practitioner, Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner

Education and Certifications: BFA Degree, Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy (1992) from the NMT Center with Judith Walker Delaney, Barbara Brennan School of Healing Graduate (1994). Completed 17 post-graduate courses in the sciences, psychology and theology.

License: Massachusetts Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Continuing Education: Active Isolated Stretching, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Cadaver dissection (2), Energy Medicine (2), Pain Perception and Management, Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Neck Head and Facial Pain, Foot and Ankle Pathologies, Harvard Alternative Medicine Symposium, Harvard/Spaulding Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation Symposium. Sacred Stone Therapy.

Professional Membership: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Experience: 27 years in NMT, 24 years in Energy Healing.

More about Christina: Click to read a news article written about her story.

Annie Schwab, LMT, CNMT

Titles: Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Education and Certifications: BS degree in Family and Community Services from U. Mass Amherst, Certified in Muscular Therapy (1996) from The Muscular Therapy Institute, Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy (1997) from the NMT Center with Judith Walker-Delaney, Certified in Pregnancy Massage, Completed Active Isolated Stretching training at the Benjamin Institute 2010.

License: Massachusetts Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Continuing Education: Neuromuscular Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching

Experience: 22 years in Massage, 21 years in Neuromuscular Therapy

More about Annie: Annie feels so lucky to have been with Christina and The Abbott Center since 1996! Her favorite part of being there other than being able to work in a gorgeous and serene place is building relationships with clients and helping them through life’s bodily challenges. When she’s not at TAC, Annie is running around like a chicken with her head cut off mothering her three children, trying to find time to take care of herself and making sure her 5 chickens, 2 cats and Stitch the snake live to see another day; and that’s the truth!

Livia Fontes, LMT, CMT

Title: Massage Therapist

Education and Certifications: Certified in Massage Therapy from Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork (2003), National Certification for Therapeutic Massage

License: Massachusetts Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Continuing Education: Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hydrotherapy Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy I-IV, Myofascial Release

Professional Membership: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Experience: 15 years in Massage

More about Livia: Livia is a warm-hearted and welcoming family fan who is hooked on adventure! We depend on her for her organization and her smarts. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, camping, and traveling! She’ll go anywhere!

Melissa Rowell, Pilates Instructor

Title: Advanced Certified Pilates Instructor

Education and Certifications: BA in Psychology, Certification in the Classical Pilates Method, 800 hours training at the Advanced Level from Excel Movement Studios (2006), 3rd Generation Teacher (Joseph Pilates>Romana Kryzanowska>Kerry Devivo), 5 years apprenticeship in Polestar Pilates (for rehabilitation).

Continuing Education: 16 hours per year covering Neurological Disorders, Scoliosis, Post Surgical, Pre/Postnatal, Anatomy, NKT, Pelvic Floor, gait, breathing mechanics.

Professional Memberships: The Authentic Pilates Union

Experience: 12 years teaching Pilates

More about Melissa: “Movement has always been important to me and in 2000, I found Pilates(almost half of my life!).  It felt like a natural path to take since I had never gotten the results I wanted with traditional exercise, and in Pilates, your whole body is involved (in theory?). In 2005, I entered a one year 700-hour rigorous program in DC, not fully understanding how lucky I was to find the right place. Joseph Pilates was a genius and designed this workout and line of equipment that will suit anyone. The body is awesome, complex and particular to each person and it is very difficult to stay pain free or get the results we want out of our workouts. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you something is off and that is awesome! Taking that knowledge and learning how to change your movement to make you more functional is where I stand. Proper movement heals, breath, balance, center of gravity, awareness. I am not putting down other forms of exercise, but I do feel there is a proper way to execute movement. Pilates continues to be more than enough for me. Through the years I have learned a lot, only to learn I know very little. I continue to believe that less is more, work smart, eat well, listen to your body and learn to get in touch with your movement. I am beyond lucky to have this tool under my belt for the rest of my life and every week I get to teach others how to be better versions of themselves. ?”

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness” -Joseph Pilates

Jennifer Lord-Baker, LMT

Title: Massage Therapist

Education and Certifications: Certification in Massage Therapy from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health (2001), Certified Ophthalmic Assistant with a sub-specialty in Surgical Assisting (1995), Graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute, Certifications in CPR, First Aid, Reiki I&II

Licenses: Massachusetts Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Massachusetts Esthetician

Continuing Education: Neuromuscular Therapy I-IV, Active Isolated Stretching, Hot Stone Massage, Hydrotherapy Massage

Professional Membership: American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Experience: 17 years in Massage, 9 years as Esthetician, 18 years in Ophthalmology

More about Jen: Whenever she can, Jen goes off camping in her cute little aqua retro camper trailer. She loves her Italian Greyhounds and adopts/rehabilitates 3-legged hounds (spent some time training them in TAC’s hydrotherapy pool)! Jen is down-to-earth (sometimes earthy-crunchy) and very friendly.

Sandy Williams, Pilates Instructor

Titles: Physical Therapist, Advanced Certified Pilates Instructor. Full Faculty member at Cortiva Institute teaching Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology

Education and Certifications: BA in Psychology from Boston College, MS in Physical Therapy from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (1998), Pilates Certifications at Comprehensive Level from Balancepoint Pilates 2013 and Pilates Method Alliance Certification 2013

License: Massachusetts Licensed Physical Therapist

Continuing Education: Polestar Pilates Principles, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, 6 Pediatric subjects; Pilates for Scoliosis, Hip Connections, Pelvic Floor, Balance; Buff Bones Pilates for Osteoporosis, Classical Pilates for Wunda Chair and Cadillac

Professional Memberships: Pilates Method Alliance

Experience: 20 years as Physical Therapist, 5 years as Pilates Instructor, 6 years Full Faculty member teaching courses at Cortiva Institute, Anatomy Department Chair and Therapy Center Director

More about Sandy: Because Sandy is a Physical Therapist, she’s interested in the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates. In her lessons, she gives modifications and educates students about their anatomy and proper postural alignment. She is a patient, sweet and bubbly personality, but is serious about her teaching. She has been an educator as a faculty member at MTI/Cortiva teaching Anatomy, Kinesiology and Physiology, so she knows the body and will help you to understand yours. She is especially good helping less experienced students and those with restrictions to feel confident and successful as they explore the experience of feeling their bodies perform with greater efficiency and less pain.

Charles Steele, LMT, CMT

Title: Massage Therapist

Education and Certifications: BS degree in Geology from Purdue University, Certification in Massage Therapy from Boulder College of Massage (2002) with 1000 hours of training, National Certification in Massage Therapy

License: Massachusetts Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Continuing Education: Three internships, Earth Bones Healing Stone Massage, Intra-oral Massage

Professional Membership: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Experience: 16 years in Massage

More about Charles: Charles grew up down the road in Millis MA, and lived out west in the Rocky Mountains, where he attended the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. He also lived in Seattle Washington where he was a team massage therapist for the Seattle Sounders for their opening season. He returned to MA in 2009. With over fifteen years experience in therapeutic massage and sports massage, Charles has worked with many amateur and professional athletes in that time.  He has been at the Abbott Center now for over seven years. On a personal note: his father was a high school science teacher and his mother a Veterinarian. His interests include kayaking, collecting and refurbishing typewriters, and tending his large vegetable garden. He adds, “I love what I do, I believe that massage on a regular basis is essential to a well-balanced lifestyle.“

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