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Massage Therapy at The Abbott Center

What type of massage should I choose?

A detailed description of our Massage services follow, however we know that what you want may have changed since you last scheduled. We are always flexible and will tailor the treatment to your needs when you come in.

Therapeutic Massage

Choose from a relaxing Restorative Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, or Pregnancy Massage with the Body Support System. Relaxing with a good massage is sometimes all that is required to maintain healthy muscles and reduce stress and tension, but deeper work is often preferred for correction of athletic injuries or chronic tension. Hot Stone Massage softens the connective tissue that binds the muscles and prevents freedom of movement. It’s also profoundly relaxing! Our massage therapists are trained in a variety of techniques adaptable to your needs. They can all work on specific areas of concern or do a full body massage, go deeply or just help you relax. Our intake form and pre-treatment consultation will help to personalize each session.

Detox Massage

Pollution, diet, fatique and stress create inner toxins that need to be released through the skin, the body’s largest excretory organ. Winter dryness or Summer tanning can clog pores and prevent the natural release of these waste products.

Smooth away dry, dead skin with a stimulating dry brush rub (take home your own brush). Follow the exfoliation with a mini hot stone massage, opening pores and encouraging circulatory and lymphatic flow to release trapped toxins. Hoba Care, used for lubrication, provides natural nourishment through the open pores. A cooling rub balances your temperature, closes the pores, and stimulates circulation to continue the internal cleansing. A final glass of cool alkaline water helps balance your pH level. Leave feeling firm, soft and silky with renewed health and radiance.

Conditions Responsive to Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy
~ Muscle Tension, Achiness and Stiffness
~ Stress
~ Decreased Circulation and Lymph Flow

Sports Massage: Deep Tissue and Sports Massage
~ Athletic Tension and Injury
~ Orthopedic Problems
~ Chronic Pain and Stress
~ Scar Tissue Adhesions
~ Hyperactivity

Pregnancy Massage
~ Low Back Pain
~ Circulatory Problems
~ Sleeplessness

Detox Massage
~ Winter dry skin and the results of Summer tanning
~ Waste products under the skin trapped by clogged pores
~ Undernourished and dehydrated skin


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Therapies (Individual Sessions):
Massage Therapy is $85 per hour with our experienced and versatile therapists.
Hot Stone Massage is $130 for 90 minutes of decadent deep relaxation.
Pregnancy Massage is $100 for 75 minutes using the Body Support System.
Detox Massage is $120 for 75 minutes including your own dry brush to take home.

Detailed fee information is available on our Pricing page.

Special Offer for New Clients


First-Timers to The Abbott Center Only
*This special may not be applied to a treatment with Christina Abbott.

Print out this coupon and present it to your therapist at your appointment.

Gift Certificates

Present a deserving person in your life a Gift to pamper or heal. Express your love or appreciation by offering any of our services.

Certificates are nicely presented, tied with an orange ribbon in a green gift box with our orange angel logo.

For advice or questions, call and talk to a staff member. OR, you can purchase a Gift Certificate online. Follow the prompts to add a personalized message or greeting and print your gift out on your own printer at home!


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Fees may change without notice.

A 24 hour cancellation notice is expected. The appointment Fee may be charged if the time can’t be filled.

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