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How long is a pilates session?
The length of an appointment is 55 minutes.
How should I dress?
Wear exercise clothes that are form-fitting enough to move freely and allow the teacher to see what your muscles are doing. A sports bra with no clasp in the back is recommended for women. Wear studio shoes or socks. Shoes that have been outside and bare feet are not welcome as they spread bacteria and dirt.
What is the cost of a private or semi-private session?
Cost depends on how many people are working out together and what size discount package has been purchased. The maximum fee is $90 for a single private session. The minimum fee is $36 for a 10-Series Trio.
Should I tip?
Teachers do not accept tips. Compliments or feedback are greatly appreciated and a year-end gift would be appropriate.
What credentials should a qualified pilates instructor have?
Our teachers are trained in Classical Pilates or one of the Classical methods such as Power Pilates, or a method for Physical Therapists such as Polestar Pilates. Training for our instructors includes Certification at the Advanced Level. Certifications should be current and followed up by continuing education as required by each organization. We do not use Personal Trainers who have only been trained to teach a Mat Class and generally do not accept applications from non-classical teachers.
What is the difference between certifications and methods?
Certifications to teach basic Pilates range from a weekend course to 600 hours of training. The Classical Methods teach the exercises as they were taught by the originator of the Method, Joseph Pilates. More modern variations have been introduced which are not in keeping with the original ideas and principles.
Does a client or student have any responsibilities during a session?
A Participation Consent form must be signed before you start learning Pilates which turns over the responsibility to you to inform the instructor of physical limitations and of any discomfort during the sessions. Give your teacher appropriate feedback and ask questions when necessary. Safety is the first priority in exercise, but your success with your program is essential. You are responsible for your own body. The teacher is responsible for keeping you safe on the equipment.
What are the benefits of learning to exercise correctly from a certified classical instructor?
The benefits are many. First you learn how to move correctly with attention to detail. You learn to be efficient, productive and safe on the equipment. You can set and achieve goals. Your program can be personalized and modified as needed under expert guidance. Modifications for age, medical reasons and painful physical conditions can be made. You will learn about your anatomy and the subtleties of movement. A teacher will motivate you to keep to your routine and to work toward better health, freedom, comfort and ease in your body.
Who should do pilates?
Unless the doctor says no…everyone! More and more doctors are recommending or insisting that their patients learn Pilates. No one is ever too old to start, too out of condition nor disabled. Pilates will reshape your body by increasing lean muscle and decreasing bulk, increase your muscular strength and balance, your flexibility and range of motion. Your chances of injury will decrease. The health of your internal organs and vigor of your heart and lungs will benefit as well as your immune system. This is a total body wellness program!
How many sessions will I need?
Joseph Pilates said, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel better, in 20 sessions you’ll look better, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” Practicing Pilates weekly will become a lifelong discipline that you stay with because it works!
What makes exercise at The Abbott Center different?
First and foremost, your sessions are completely private. In Solo sessions or with one or two others in Duets or Trios, you are in the studio with only one instructor. Second, our two studios are clean and bright with hardwood floors, mirrors and lots of natural light. Third, we use only top-of-the line equipment from Gratz or Basil. Fourth, sessions are geared toward a mind-body connection. We want you to feel great in more ways than one when you leave.