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General Questions

How long does a treatment or session last?
The average appointment for all therapies lasts 60 minutes. Many clients prefer a longer 90 minute treatment. A few require a shorter 30 minute session focusing on one problem area. More serious injuries sometimes require a full two hours of Neuromuscular Therapy to address all of the areas needing work. Energy healing more often requires 90 minutes to complete although a simple chakra balancing session, a “chelation” requires only 60 minutes.
How should I dress for my appointment?
Come as you are for therapies requiring you to remove your clothing. Energy work is done clothed, so wear something comfortable and non-binding. For Pilates, fitted stretch pants and top are best, but shorts and a t-shirt works fine.
Do I have to disrobe entirely for a bodywork appointment?
That is your option, however, keep in mind our staff is trained to appropriately drape you for privacy.
How will I be covered?
Massage therapists use double sheeting and usually a blanket unless it’s hot. In the winter, the tables can be warmed with an electric pad and a soft fleece cover under the bottom sheet. Neuromuscular Therapists use a hospital gown for women and a bath towel for men, adding a blanket and a warming pad if you’re cold.
Do you use oils or lotions?
Massage Therapists and Neuromuscular Therapists use jojoba extract for lubricating the skin. Hot Stone Massage uses jojoba and essential oils. Commercially prepared lubricants usually contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. Our rule of thumb is to use no product that we wouldn’t put in our mouth.
Will insurance cover the costs of Massage Therapy or Neuromuscular Therapy?
Patients can often get reimbursed for therapy in auto accident claims or worker’s compensation injuries or where, through an appropriate review process including a statement of medical necessity from your doctor, special cases are approved. In such cases your therapist will give you receipt for each treatment giving the insurance company all the information they need for processing. Some employers have a “cafeteria plan” where pre-tax dollars are set aside for uninsured medical uses. Receipts recording dates of service and fees charged are given in these cases. The Abbott Center does not do any third-party billing.
How do I make an appointment?
Appointments may be made using our online system. You may also call the office and leave a message with your questions or to make or change an appointment with any therapist. The phone is answered by the staff when they are not treating clients, otherwise calls are returned between appointments.
Should I tip?
Because our massage therapists are independent massage contractors, tipping is an individual choice. If you want to express your appreciation for your therapist’s attention, please ask. Although our therapists are paid above industry standard for their work, what we charge does not reflect their worth since we must we keep our fees competitive. Most therapists, therefore depend on tips for part of their income. Tips are not accepted for Neuromuscular Therapy and Pilates appointments. Appreciation goes a long way, so both verbal and written feedback and a year-end gift are appropriate.
How do I pay for my appointment?
Payment is due at the time of your appointment and may be made by check, cash, debit card, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover.
How early should I arrive and what happens if I’m late?
If this is your first appointment, come a few minutes early to fill out an Intake Form, otherwise come at the time of your appointment. A late arrival will determine the length of your treatment time. Your appointment will end as scheduled so that the next client may begin on time.
Can I ask my therapist to make adjustments for my comfort?
Absolutely! This is your treatment. Communicate with the staff regarding room temperature, pressure, technique, body support, covering, preferences, concerns, etc. We value your feedback and want this to be a positive healing experience for you.
Are all massages full-body therapies, or can the staff focus on specific areas of concern?
Most of the bodywork done at The Abbott Center is termed “Therapeutic” meaning that the purpose of the bodywork is more for therapy than for relaxation. All of our Massage Therapists (not Masseuses, please) learn full-body relaxation massage as part of their training, but their experience and knowledge allows them to tailor your treatment to your specifications.
Do you have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?
Notice of cancellation is requested 24 hours before your appointment.  If your appointment time cannot be filled, The Abbott Center may charge you for the time missed. There are times when circumstances don’t allow for 24 hour notice. Of course we understand in such cases.  Please be aware, however, that short notice prevents another person from filling that spot. Your late cancellation also affects your therapist who relies on filling her schedule to make a living.