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The Facilities at The Abbott Center

Set in a classic 1830’s New England home, the Center’s facility is personal, homey and charming… very different from a clinical setting. You’ll feel peaceful and relaxed. Clients are encouraged to walk around the lovely landscaped grounds, sit in the living room and read from our library, meditate or exercise outside on the grass or terrace. Make yourself comfortable. This is a healing center.

Waiting Room
When you come in you will see our cozy reception and waiting area. Big down-filled couches encourage you to be comfortable. Books and magazines are available for reading with soft music. You are welcome to come early and relax before your session.

Front Therapy Room
All of the three therapy rooms have their own unique personalities. The front room dates back to 1830 and boasts a fireplace, antique furniture and a beamed ceiling and soft colors.

Back Therapy Room
The renovated back therapy space is a charming pastel garden room that was once a storage shed. Lying on your back, you’ll be looking up at a tray ceiling painted with clouds!

Upstairs Therapy Room
With an ocean theme, this room is soothing and quiet. It is one of the unchanged rooms of the historic house that makes The Abbott Center a unique place to come to heal. It has a wide-board floor, antique furniture, colors of the water and nautical charts on the wall.

Pilates Studio 1
Our studio is large bright space on the upper floor of our second building. It has an oak floor, wall mural to the cathedral ceiling, tile bath and storage space, a beautiful Palladian window that lets in the morning sun, skylights and a sliding glass door in the back opening to a small deck overlooking a lovely view. Being away from the central therapy area in the main house, it provides a private, quiet place for Pilates private sessions.

This photo shows only half of the space. (See more images in Pilates.) Our top-of-the-line Gratz and Basil Pilates equipment pieces are built to the original specifications of Joseph Pilates. Spring-resisted exercise is a refinement of the mat exercise routine, bringing you deeper into the core and helping you to focus on those muscles as you work out. The equipment may look imposing, but the various pieces are helpful for beginners as well as experienced Pilates students.

Pilates Studio 2
Our second studio is a bright warm room with a heated oak floor that feels good under stocking feet. Large windows and French doors bring in the light and the view. At night it’s a cozy and conducive space to focus on your body. It’s stocked with everything to make this a fully functioning Pilates Equipment Studio for private/semi-private lessons and for small group classes.

Hydrotherapy Pool: Available only by private invitation of the owner.
The hydrotherapy pool is closed to the public, but permission from the owner may be obtained in special circumstances.

Yard and Gardens
The grounds have a terrace and a spacious landscaped back yard with flower gardens that invite you to wander or meditate or read. In the summer, you can ask your therapist to move to an outside table for a session on the lawn or terrace.

Open for Visits

If you’ve never been to see our facility or meet our staff, we always welcome investigators. Call to set a time to come in when someone is free to show you around or take a chance on an impromptu drop-in and take a peek.

In the News

Read more about our facilities in the Westwood Patch’s article, “A Little Bit of Paradise: The Abbott Center”. Author Meg Komarek says coming here can make you “feel like you are a million miles away from the daily stress of life.”