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Massage/Neuromuscular Massage Protocol

Welcome to The Abbott Center!

We truly thank you for supporting us as we rebuild our business after significant losses during the pandemic.

We began reopening our Center the week of June 22nd following the State guidelines for “close contact” services. Please know that we take our responsibility very seriously to keep you and our staff safe. We have been diligent in deep cleaning and sanitizing our therapeutic spaces and will continue to follow standards for hygiene, disinfecting and social distancing to stay in compliance with Massachusetts State safety standards.

Schedule online or by phone as usual. Availability of therapists varies.

What you need to know to prepare for your appointment

Please wear a mask for the duration of your appointment, bring with you a clean pair of socks, and a check or cash for payment unless you have a credit card on file. (To minimize contact, we will not be physically handling credit cards or receipts.)

What to expect when you arrive

Before Starting
Go right to the bathroom in your stocking feet to wash your hands. Talk to your Therapist while distancing and using masks about how you’re feeling and what your preferences are for treatment. When you come back, disrobe, hang your clothes on the hook over the door and lie down on the table under the sheet. During the treatment, conversation needs to be limited, mostly for you to communicate what you’re feeling/experiencing and for the Therapist to provide information about the treatment.

Before Leaving
After your treatment, change clothes, please wash your hands, and leave your mask on until you have left the building.

Our Protocol

  • Only linens that can be washed and bleached in hot water or otherwise sanitized will be used and all linens will be changed between treatments. Further sanitizing will be done between each appointment of anything touched by you or your therapist with alcohol and/or 10% bleach. The table and face cradle will be sanitized. The bathroom faucets, toilet handle and lid will be wiped with 10% bleach and all doorknobs, light switches and woodwork in high-touch areas sanitized. No blankets or fleece pads will be used unless they can be washed with hot water and bleach. If a heating pad is used, the table will have an additional cover that can be wiped with a sanitizer. Pillows will be double covered.
  • The room will be warm and cross-ventilated through the therapy room door that goes to the back hallway as well as with an air purifier. An air conditioner will be used in hot weather. A window or exterior door may also be opened. The doors to the kitchen and living rooms will be kept closed so there is no access to the house unless you are being treated in the upstairs room, in which case you will use the downstairs bathroom.
  • Your Therapist will be wearing a mask and/or face shield depending on your level of comfort considering how close s/he will be to your face during treatment. You will lie face down for as much of the treatment as possible. A mask is optional here if you find it hard to breathe. Side-lying and supine positions require the use of a mask.
  • Christina’s Neuromuscular Therapy patients will use a separate area of the house with its own doorway, and access to the bathroom through a private hallway. Her patients should contact her for the NMT protocol and scheduling.

This level of protocol is uncomfortable, but necessary, so thank you for being understanding as we ease our way back to a more normal procedure. We have taken this virus very seriously and are following all precautions recommended to keep both you and our staff safe. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Thank you for trusting us!

We look forward to seeing you again when you are ready!!!

Christina and the Massage Therapists

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