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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?
Energy Healing is a way to restore balance within ourselves and in our bodies. Some people hold too much energy and tend to over react to situations or get stressed out. Others need extra energy to support them in their healing process or just in showing up more in life. Still others hold everything inside and need to relax and allow more of a release of energy. Healing allows us to drop underneath our habitual patterns of protection from our lifetime of wounds so we can experience deeper states of inner peace and connect more with our lives, others and ourselves.
Who should consider including energy healing in a health care program?
All kinds of physical illness respond in some way to energy work because our pains and tensions and our illnesses often result from blocking the energy that in a healthy body is flowing freely. Eastern culture teaches us that energy comes first and when it slows down enough it manifests as physical matter. If you change the energy, you change matter. And, where energy (and therefore blood) is stagnant (stasis), there will be dysfunction and eventually disease.

When we block our life force by fretting about the future or being stuck in the past, we not only produce physical problems, we also diminish or even shut out our capacity to experience the fullness of life in the moment. This blocking usually leads us to false mental conclusions, distorted thoughts and emotions that then distort our experience and understanding of our bodies, ourselves, our relationships, our professions, etc.. Healing supports the process of coming into wholeness in every way and learning to give life another chance. The rewards are many. The more “conscious” we become, the more vital our lives will be.

What conditions best respond to energy work?
Stress-related illnesses respond well as do painful and chronic complaints of all kinds. Even recovery from cancer or surgery can be accelerated. Since the body often holds physical memories that have no mental connection, energy healing often gets at emotional and psychological issues that can’t be accessed in traditional talk therapy. When medical or holistic interventions don’t bring about wellness, energy healing can be a major force for resolution.
How does energy work have a physical affect?
Physical matter is formed on a matrix of energy patterns. Without the energy, there is no matter. We know this in physics but don’t usually think of it in terms of our bodies. A physical injury changes the energy field. It might create a break or a leak in the flow of the life force or a block in the energy field. Conversely, a distortion in the energy will create a physical change. As we work on repairing the energy field the life force returns to normal and initiates healing in the physical body.
What should I expect? What happens in an appointment?
A session usually consists of two parts, dialog and table work. The dialog is where you learn to track your own energy and consciousness. Much of the work is education and giving you tools, to work with yourself and engage fully in your own process. You might present something that is happening in your life, we might track it and see how much it is related to a familiar pattern for you. We look for a false belief you are holding that might be related to the issue that is being presented for healing. The table work follows and deepens the integration of the dialog work. Usually a “chakra reading” is taken to look for distortions in the healthy flow of incoming energy through the major energy centers. A “chelation” is done to balance and energize your chakras and aura. Specific work follows to correct or repair distortions or damage. You have a chance on the table to track your process in a different way from the mental dialog. You can also simply let go and allow yourself to just receive new energies into your body to fuel your healing process and to replace old beliefs and patterns you have cleared away.
What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing. You keep your clothes on when you receive a healing. You just remove your shoes and any accessory that might create discomfort while on the table.
How long does an appointment last?
A healing can be for 1 hour or 1.5 or 2 hours. Ninety minutes is recommended for the first session. Subsequent appointments will be determined by the client’s needs.
What is an aura or energy field?
Just as there are several physical systems in our bodies (circulatory, digestive, nervous), so are there several energy systems (chakras, meridians, auric field). They all work together to create “life.” Your aura is really your personal space, that area around you that you associate as yours. It is an energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It holds the positive life force as well as unexpressed emotions, physical traumas, suppressed feelings and thoughts. 80% of our communication is done through the auric field. It is the medium through which we express love and come into relationship with the world.
What are chakras?

  • Physical nerve plexus centers of activity that also receive, assimilate and express your life force or energy.
  • Spinning spheres of bioenergetic activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column.
  • Basic states of consciousness

How can I make the most of my appointment?
Bring your curiosity, be open to new experiences and leave expectations behind.