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Somatic Trauma Release at The Abbott Center

What is Somatic Trauma Release?

Somatic Trauma Release is a practice that integrates numerous energetic modalities to offer a safe space for individuals to feel comfortable enough in their bodies to release and process trauma. Unresolved trauma can often contribute to chronic pain and other long term health issues that don’t respond to conventional medical treatments.

Stephanie approaches every client with a deep understanding of the impact of trauma on the body, mind and soul. Every treatment is unique to the client. She will help individuals feel comfortable in their bodies and assist in holding space for the release and processing of trauma. She also offers various self-care tools and tips that people can do in between sessions to help work through challenging situations, so they can feel empowered in times of stress.

Conditions Responsive to Somatic Trauma Release

~ Energy Imbalance
~ Emotional Confusion
~ Physical Pain
~ Disease
~ Chronic Conditions
~ Trauma


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