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Tower Pilates at The Abbott Center

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Tower Class Trio

Thursday mornings at 9:15 for an hour.
Tuesday evenings at 6 for an hour.
This is a fun and varied new offering for Abbott Pilates!
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What is Tower Pilates?

A Tower Class is a combination of Mat work and Tower exercises.
Groups of three private students work together sitting, standing and lying on the apparatus performing a graduated series of exercises chosen by the instructor.


Our Certified Pilates teachers guide your workout with clear directions and cues. Choosing from the large repertoire of Pilates Mat and Tower exercises, you are given a varied and challenging workout at an appropriate level of difficulty for your group. Personal attention is given as needed without taking away from the class experience.  There is progression built into the series of exercises which flow from one to the next with brief pauses for instruction and equipment setup changes.

Our Equipment:

The horizontal base for all the exercises is a low, sturdy open box on legs, like a bed frame, fitted with a full-length padded mat insert. A rigid vertical open frame acts as the Tower to which bars and springs are attached. It is securely fastened to one end of the padded platform and equipped with a Push Thru Bar, a horizontal spring-mounted Roll Down Bar, strong Leg Springs and lighter Arm springs which clip to eye hooks or permanent mounts at various heights on the Tower. The equipment is there to support and assist your movements and to provide resistance for strengthening and lengthening.

Tower Work:

Tower exercises are assisted by the bars and springs which provide sensory feedback. The support you feel as you hold a rigid bar is different from the resistance you feel with a spring and both teach you about how you are moving. It helps you understand what is “working” and what “needs work.” Another advantage to the support is that you can move more slowly, giving you time to feel deeper into your core and even to stop in the middle of an exercise to work on a place you get “stuck.” The Tower encourages precision, correct body placement, and deeper core work for both foundational and more advanced exercises.

Mat Work:

Mat exercises are done without the support of equipment or the resistance of springs. It’s just you, your body, gravity and the mat plus a few accessories. They are central to a Pilates practice and basic to learning the full spectrum of Pilates exercises. The work requires full concentration on your movements and your breath as you learn to control your body and gain proficiency and strength without assistance.

Covid-19 precautions:

Equipment is spaced 6 feet apart, masks, gloves and clean socks are required at the discretion of the instructor and approval of students participating. Instructor wears a mask and/or face shield, equipment is sanitized before and after use, room is ventilated, social distancing and hand washing are required upon entering and leaving the Studio, forehead temperature and health screening questions are checked before class, students may use their own clip-on straps and are asked to bring gloves, masks and socks. Extras are available in the studio and personal bags are provided for between-class storage. No-touch cuing is standard unless student requests touch guidance.


Tower Trio Pilates (Small Group Sessions):
Pilates Tower Classes are an hour long and scheduled weekly, same day and time.
Enrollment is limited for high quality personal attention.
Fee is a flat rate of $40 per class.


The class can be scheduled and the fee paid ahead of time online by clicking on the “Register for a Class” button below or by clicking on this link. Select your desired class time, click “Sign In” and enter your name in the box. You’ll be prompted through payment.

A 24 hour cancellation notice is expected. The class fee may be charged if the time can’t be filled.

Book a Private Appointment Using our Online Scheduler

If you can’t get the time you want, call or email the office. Overrides and additional scheduling may be available.
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